The Platform

Course Requirements

  1. Watch each video for this course.
  2. Download and complete the required notes for this class.
  3. Submit your notes and summaries to your leader.


Course Two: The Platform

Class One: What is a Platform?  In this video, Tim explains why we call the area from which we lead worship a platform rather than a stage.  To you this difference may not seem important, but it is important for every member of our team to understand the importance of being on a platform.


Class Two: Platform Presence  This is a light-hearted video produced by Gateway Worship that provides an overview of how worship leaders should appear and act on the platform.


Class Three: Christ Like Character  Worship leaders lead both on and off the platform and therefore must display Christ like character in every area of their life.  Pastor Sion Alford of Gateway Church explains how and why each worship leader must have Christ like character.  Download the Notes for this class


Class Four: The Great Commission Worshipper  For many Christians, evangelism and worship are broken into different different segments of the Christian life, but it shouldn’t be this way.  As worship leaders we must have a proper view of how worship and evangelism are linked.