The Basics

Requirements For This Course:

  1. Read the required material, or watch the required videos listed below (classes 2-4).
  2. Several of the courses have note sheets that need to be downloaded and completed in conjunction with their corresponding video.  Students can download the notes by clicking “Download the Notes” tab found after the short description of each video.
  3. There are questions for several of the videos that need to be answered. You can do all of this online.

If you have any questions or are having issues, please email Tim Johnson.

Course One

Lesson One: The Mission and Vision of The Sherwood Student Worship Program

This first video explains the mission and vision of the Student Worship Program. You need to watch the video and answer the questions concerning the video.


Lesson Two: Four Essentials for Worship Leaders

There are four essential practices that must be present in the life of every student worship leader.  These four areas provide a clear explanation of what is expected from each student who is seeks to join and participate on the student worship team. Click Here to Read the Article and Click Here to Answer the Questions


Lesson Three: Who Am I?  

It is important for us to understand who we are as worshippers in order to be effective worship leaders.  This course, taught by one of the worship pastor’s at Gateway Church, provides a biblical understanding of who we are as worshippers and worship leaders.   Click Here to Watch and Click Here to Download the Notes


Lesson Four: What is Praise?

Have you ever thought about the difference between the word “praise” and the word “worship“?  In this video you will gain an understanding of what the word “praise” means throughout Scripture.  Click Here to Watch and Click Here to Download the Notes


Lesson Five: What is Worship?

This is probably not a question that you have asked before, but it is essential to understanding what we do as worship leaders.  In this video, pastor Zach Neese, of Gateway Church, explains the biblical definition of the word “worship.”  Click Here to Watch and Click Here to Download the Notes

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