Growing As a Worship Leader — Blog is a great place to access articles and other helpful videos about being a student worship leader.

Kari Jobe on Worship Leading —On the resources page you will find a link to a video of Kari Jobe speaking on some of the challenges and realizations she has had as a worship leader.  In this video, Kari explains the importance of private worship and how to lead the congregation while still focusing on your personal worship.


 Guitar/Bass/Drums/Vocal Song Training — Great resource for learning acoustic, electric and bass guitar parts as well as keys and drum parts.  They also have lessons for every instrument that will help you greatly improve your skill level as a musician. — This resource is very similar to Worship Artistry, but the main difference is that it also includes vocal parts for many of the songs that they have in their library of songs.


Vocalist Only —This is a great resource that has articles on different sorts of singing techniques and warm-ups.  There are some articles that are very detailed and specific, and others that are a little more general.

Technique and Exercises–This is a great article on some techniques and exercises you can do to help improve your breathing.

Get to Work–Need to someone to accompany you on the piano during your vocal exercises, look no further.  Here are several vocal exercise videos for each vocal range.


Music Theory—Need some help learning the basics of music theory or just simply want to gain a deeper understanding of how music works? Then visit for free lessons. There is even an app that you can download on your phone or tablet for even more lessons