Free Resource: Gorilla, Man, Gun Game

Gorilla, Man, Gun is a classic youth ministry game. We recently put a new twist on this fun game by making it into a screen game that can easily be used in ProPresenter or Powerpoint.

How to Play

The rules are the same as the classic game, but to spice it up we decided that students would no longer play against each other but against the screen.

We created a simple music video that you can sing and dance to that ends with a three second countdown. At the end of the countdown students must choose one of the three options–Gorilla, Man or Gun.

The person running your screens then choose either the gorilla, man, or gun video (each has a funny sound effect) or slide.

Remember, the gorilla beats the man. The man beats the gun. The gun beats the gorilla. If you tie, you die.


We hope you enjoy this FREE resource. Click below to download.



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