Communicating to Student Worship Leaders (Part Two)

Communication is key for the health of any team, but effective communication to student worship leaders is much different than the way we communicate to parents and adults. (For more on communicating with parents see the article, “Communicating with Parents.”)

Most students are glued to their phones 24/7, and research has shown that over half use text messaging (or some form of it) to communicate with their friends. This is why Remind, a web/app-based program commonly used by school teachers, is one of my favorite methods of communicating with my teams. Remind allows you to safely communicate with your students through real-time messaging (text messaging) or through the free Remind app.



1. Schedule Announcements — Remind allows you to schedule messages to go out at specific times allowing you to plan your communication in advance and in a timely manner.


2. Attach Links and Files — I use this feature to attach schedules, announcement sheets, links to our latest MailChimp email, and other file formats.


3. Text Messaging — I have some serious rules about texting with students to keep myself and my students safe, but Remind makes this simple. Remind allows you to text individuals or groups and every message is saved and can be viewed by parents.


4. Message Multiple Teams Using One Account — One of the things I enjoy about Remind is that I can set up multiple teams under one account. This enables me to communicate the different announcements to different teams, or I can send the same message to multiple teams. (I highly recommend having a group for your band members and one for parents).


5. Communicate from Your Phone or Computer — Other than being free, the best part about Remind is that it has a stable, easy-to-use app and also a simple web-based platform that you and your students can use.



Communication is an important part of what we do as leaders. We must communicate well to our parents but also to our students. Using multiple platforms to do so may be slightly time consuming but Remind helps take some of that frustration away.

Remind has additional great features. I encourage you to check it out and create an account. It is completely FREE and can be a great communication resource.


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