Communicating to Student Worship Leaders (Part One)

There are literally hundreds of methods of communicating with your worship team, but communicating with student worship leaders is dramatically different than how we communicate to adult worship teams. Over the next few posts, I want to explain a few of the communication methods that have worked well in my ministry and might in yours. 

Most worship teams already use Planning Center Online, so here are a few ways to use this tool to effectively communicate to students:


Most of your students probably have an email, but do not check it regularly. I have noticed that many of my students miss important information when it is only sent through email. But, because I have the option to send them an email, I often use it as one of my methods of communication.


Email Templets

Planning Center also allows you to set up email templets. Here are few important email templets you need to have:

  • Welcome to the Team — When a new student joins your team it is nice to have a personalized email templet that you can choose when adding them to your Planning Center account. This templet should explain the expectations for team members, rehearsal times and any other important information concerning your ministry.
  • Scheduling Request — There are several preloaded templets and one of my favorites is the Scheduling Request. I send this out about a month before I start creating my new schedule. This email prompts students to plug-in their blackout dates (times when they are unavailable).
  • Happy Birthday 🎉 – Another great touch is to have a Happy Birthday templet. It is always good to let your students know you are thinking about them on their birthday.



If you have a much more relaxed method of scheduling and are looking for volunteers to fill-in spots on your worship team, try creating a sign-up form

For instance, we have a small stage in our coffee shop that is scheduled on a volunteer basis. We are using sign-ups to allow students to create their own teams and communicate when they can play. To learn more about this unique feature, click here.


Text Messages/In App Messaging

Planning Center also allows you add cell phones as a method of communication. It does have issues with some carriers, but I have found that it works for most of the students on my teams. Enabling text messages and in app messaging helps alert students when they are scheduled and when an email is sent through PCO.


Push Notifications

The Planning Center app will also send push notifications when you schedule someone or send out an email. Encourage your students to use this feature. It is an easy way to help alert your students when they are scheduled or have an important email in their inbox.


Overall, Planning Center Online is a great tool and there are many other great ways for using it. If you have any other great tips for using this resource, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


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