Eight Reasons To Develop A Team That Leads Worship For Children

There are so many ways of raising up student worship leaders.  One of the best methods of developing young worship leaders is to have them lead worship for children.  Here are eight reasons you should consider developing a student worship team that leads worship for children.


1. It provides an opportunity to teach students the basics of leading worship

Our responsibility is to raise up the next generation of worship leaders. Forming a team that leads worship for children will make it easy for leaders to focus on the basics of being a worship leader while placing students in a low pressure environment.  Our kid’s worship team focuses on teaching students the essentials of being a worship leader, stage presence, vocal skills and the responsibility of being a leader both on and off the platform.


2. Kids are much less judgmental and often easier to lead in worship than adults and teenagers

For many student worship leaders, leading worship in front of their peers can be intimidating and cause some to never step foot onto the platform.  Though every young worship leader will eventually have to overcome that fear, leading worship for children is a great place for them to develop the skills needed to be an effective worship leader.  Most kids don’t care if the worship leader misses a note or doesn’t sing perfectly on pitch.  So use this less judgmental environment to develop your students skills.


3. It can help build confidence in your young worship leaders

I have witnessed several students gain huge amounts of confidence because of their time on our kid’s worship team.  In fact, some of our best worship leaders started off leading worship in our children’s ministry.  Leading worship for kids will help your worship leaders overcome some basic fears such as: being in front of a crowd, singing in front of people and speaking to a large group.


4. It will fill a need in your church

I can almost guarantee your children’s pastor will be on board with this idea.  Most children’s ministries need someone who can lead their worship times.  Talk to your children’s minister about this idea and see if this is a need within their ministry.


5. It provides leadership opportunities for older students

We are always looking for ways to teach our students leadership skills and provide them with opportunities to put them into practice.  One great way to give some of your older students some leadership opportunities is to place them in charge of your kid’s worship team.  Allow them to teach the motions, lead the group in prayer and teach the vocal parts!


6. It provides opportunities for students who do not consider themselves to be “musical” to lead worship

Many of the students who participate on our kid’s worship team are not strong vocalists and the majority cannot play an instrument.  A kid’s worship team is a perfect place for your nonmusical students to serve because it does not require them to have perfect pitch or be able to read music.  They can lead worship by doing the choreography and singing with the group.


7. Great place to teach vocal skills

Though not all of the students on our kid’s worship team are vocalists, we do teach our students vocal skills and how to sing as a group.  We do not focus on teaching parts to the main group, we only focus on singing the melody.


8.  Starting a kid’s worship team won’t break the bank

There are several places to get kid’s worship songs from, but I recommend using Orange.com’s awesome selection of kid’s worship music and here’s why:

  • Everything is very professional and is easy to use
  • When you purchase the Performance DVD, you have everything you need to launch your team.  (Click here to see and example)
  • They have choreography videos that make the dance moves easy to understand and learn. (Click here to see an example)
  • They also provide professional lyric videos that come with or without vocal tracks!


A worship team that leads worship for children may not be the most glamorous method of developing student worship leaders, but it is effective.  I would strongly encourage you to consider developing a kid’s worship team.  If you have any questions, comment below or send me and email.



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