Five Ways To Connect With Your Students This Summer

Summer is here, your students are out of school and have most have plenty of free time.  Don’t waste this opportunity to develop relationships with your students.  Here are five fun summer activities that will help you connect and build relationships with your student worship leaders outside of the church walls.


1. Go to your students’ extra curricular activities.

I know your students are out of school, but many of them are still playing sports and involved in a number of activities during the summer. Schedule time to go to plays, recitals, games, etc… I promise that this will make an impression on your students.  They may not reveal their appreciation immediately, but I can guarantee that your presence will be remembered.


2. Band Dinners

Consider having your team over for dinner (with your spouse’s permission).  Do something inexpensive like burgers, hotdogs, pizza or spaghetti.  Have the students bring the drinks and sweets.  Plan games and fun activities.  If you’ve got a pool or access to one, plan a pool party.  The point is to create an environment of fun.

If your home is not accommodating for a large group, ask a parent to host the dinner at their house.  I have several parents who love to host events in their home. Just be sure to stay late and help clean up.


3. Team Building Activities

There are many places across the country that offer zip-line/high and low rope courses that can help develop team unity.  This may seem old-school, but these types of activities can be challenging and fun.  They will require your group to work together as a team.

These activities will help your team become more unified, provide time for laughter (and possibly some tears on the high-ropes course), as well as some high adrenaline activities.  Use this activity to teach several topics like: leadership, serving others, etc.


4. Tubing and/or Whitewater Rafting

There are several places to go whitewater rafting and tubing within an hour or so from our community.  Whitewater rafting is another high intensity activity that will make your team work as one.  This activity will cost your students a little bit of money (and possibly scare a few parents), but it’s a great day trip for your students.

Tubing on the other hand is a great way to spend two or three hours.  It is normally cheap, safe (as long as you can swim) and relaxing!  Tubing will open the door for conversations, laughter and possibly some pranks.


5. Host a Water Ballon/Water Gun War

A cheap activity that can be done almost anywhere during the summer is a water ballon/water gun war.  Amazon offers several types of water balloons on their website.  If you’re looking for some easy to fill water balloons, they sell some that can be filled extremely fast called Zuru Bunch Balloons that cost $15 for 100. Ask your students to come early and help you fill the balloons.  If you have several hoses this task won’t take very long.  If each student brings their own water gun you can get away with spending just a few bucks on this event.

(If you want to make this event even more fun, purchase water balloon launchers!  These can be a little dangerous if you’re not careful.)


In the end, the point of each of these activities is for you and your team to build strong relationships.  I would encourage you to take advantage of the summer months when the majority of your student worship leaders are free and plan some of the fun activities.

There are a ton of other activities that you can do like the ones listed above.  Leave some of your ideas in the comments section.  As always, thanks for reading!


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