Four Programs to Help You Be More Productive

I love programs that help make my work more productive.  There are several programs that I use each week, most of which are free, to be as productive and organized as possible.  The majority of these resources are easy to learn.  Here are the four programs I believe will help you be more productive:

1. Evernote

Evernote can be utilized for almost everything.  I use it during meetings, taking sermon notes, school, and for recording random ideas.  One of my favorite parts about Evernote is that I can sync my notes across all my devices: iPhone, laptop and tablets.  Users can add photos, files and other attachments to a note and see them on all their devices.  The basic form of Evernote is free.  For those of you who might not be tech savvy, don’t worry because Evernote is easy to use and understand.  Visit to get started.  Also, checkout Michael Hyatt’s post on how to use Evernote.


2. Trello

Trello is a free task management software that I use almost every single day!  Trello helps me keep my ministry tasks organized, communicate with my team and delegate assignments.  Within Trello, users can create boards and create organized columns of task cards.  Within each card users can attach files, create to-do lists and communicate with team members about each task and delegate assignments.   One of the best ways to understand how Trello works is to take the Trello Tour.

Trello does have an app that is somewhat easy to use, but I am not a fan of it because of how large most of my boards tend to be.  The basic form of Trello is free.  Learning how to use this program will require a little time, but I promise it will help you become much more organized and productive.  Visit to sign-up for a free account.


3. Google Forms/Google Drive

My team uses Google Forms for all our registrations and online sign-ups.  These forms are easy to set up and share on your website.  Responses can be automatically added to a Google Sheet (the Google version of Excel), viewed and printed.  I highly recommend using Google Forms for all your registrations.  For more info about using Google Forms click here!

We also use Google Drive, a web-based tool, in multiple ways.  Google Drive has several great features that you can easily use for your ministry.  Many of their features rival programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  All of these are great tools and can be accessed across all your devices via apps.  The best part is every program is free.


4. Planning Center Online

I’ve written about Planning Center Online before and most worship leaders are familiar with it, but it’s worth mentioning because of how important this tool is for my ministry.  For those of you who are not using PCO, it’s time to start.  PCO is a paid program, but is a worthy investment.  On this web-based tool users can plan services, post and share music and chord charts with your team.

One of the reasons I love this program is because I can schedule my worship and tech teams and assign positions.  PCO makes it easy for everyone to know exactly what’s coming up and happening during each service.

Planning Center Online is not free, but will save you time and energy.  Their pricing is based on church size.  To find out more about Planning Center Online and their pricing, visit


There are tons of other great tools out there that can help you be more productive.  What are some of the tools you use to be more productive?  Comment below and let me know!


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    1. One of my favorite parts about PCO is that it can be set to send automatic reminders to your team members about rehearsals and services. This keeps me from having to remind my student worship leaders when to be at rehearsals. Thanks for reading!


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