Starting A Student Band

If you are thinking about starting a student band or worship program, here are a few questions to consider before you begin this exciting adventure.


1. Do you have the proper amount of time needed to organize and lead a successful student band/worship program? Remember, you are not simply teaching students how to play music.  You are teaching them how to live, organize their time, and lead others in worship. Working with a student worship team will require you to be involved in your students’ lives outside of rehearsals. This means being at sports games, recitals and concerts.

2. Do your students and their parents have enough time?  It seems like students have a million places to be each day. Do they have enough time to practice, prepare and be at rehearsals?  It is important to not just think about your students’ schedules but also their parents’ schedules.  Try to schedule your rehearsals at times that are convenient for parents.  For the teams I lead, Sunday nights work best because most of our parents come to our church’s PM service.

3. Do you have enough equipment to have a student band? If you are rehearsing in separate area than your Sunday morning worship team, do you have the proper equipment needed for another band?  Don’t get caught stealing equipment from your main worship area. Make sure that you have everything you and your students need to be successful.

4. Do you have the ability and the time to provide musical training for your students to be successful? Unless you are blessed with students that have natural talent and musical abilities, one of the main roles you will have as an adult leading a student worship team is teaching students to sing and play their instruments. Even if you personally cannot teach your students how to play a specific instrument, it is important for you to know where to direct parents for private lessons.

5. Have you clearly explained the expectations you have to both your students and their parents?  It is extremely important that you do this.  Your parents will never know the time requirements needed for practice, rehearsal and other band activities unless you communicate them.  It is also important you explain the spiritual expectations you are holding your leaders too.

6. Do you have the support of your pastor, youth pastor and worship leader?  Do not try to do this solo.  Help these pastors understand the vision for what you desire to accomplish.  Do not overlook the importance of having these three people in your court.  Having them on board will enable you to gain feedback, guidance and possibly some financial assistance for music, equipment and other items.


These are just a few things to think about before starting a student worship team.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of important things to think about before starting a student band.  What are few ideas that you feel are important to think about starting a student band?

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