Connecting With Those You Lead

No matter if you lead worship on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights, the day you are leading always finds a way of becoming busy. Despite how crazy things might get, it is vital that worship leaders always take time to interact and build relationships with the people they are leading.

For those who lead worship for students, relationship building is a must.  This is because students value relationships, and have a desire to be connected with those who lead them.  There are several ways of connecting with the people God has called you to lead.



One of the worst things that a worship team can do before leading worship is stay in the “green room” and not interact with those they are leading.  Don’t separate yourself from your congregation.  Make it a priority to spend at least 10-15 minutes with the people you are leading before each service.

Interacting and showing genuine care for the people you lead is of great importance.  To be able to do this you may have to change your normal schedule, and allow some things on your to-do list to go undone.  Do your best to mange your time wisely on the day your church or youth group gathers for worship.  Don’t let tasks steal opportunities to build relationships with the people you are leading.



Make it a goal to never let a guest sit alone or not be engaged. Make an effort to welcome and sit with guest before each service. If you have a seat that you normally sit in, save an extra one for a guest.  While you are walking around before the start of the service, invite someone new to sit with you and your friends.  If you don’t sit in the crowd, this might be something to consider doing, especially if you tend to be more introverted.



It is vital that you understand your platform extends beyond the physical stage you lead from each week.  As a worship leader, your life is going to be under constant examination.  People are going to be watching the way you live.  They want to see if the words you sing when you lead worship match the way you live at school, work, home, and on the sports field.  You must understand that you are a worship leader both on and off the platform.

How you live outside the walls of the church is just as important as the way you live inside them.  You are being watched by your peers, your family, believers, and nonbelievers. When people see that your words match your actions, it becomes easier for them to trust you as a leader.  People want to know that you are genuine.  The best way for this to occur is for you to take time to interact and build relationships with those you lead.



Is my life consistent with the messages that I am singing when I lead worship?  Do I act or talk differently when I am at church or leading worship than I do when I am not?  Is my public life a reflection of Jesus to the world around me?

For more information on how to be an effective worship leader, Check out: Four Essentials for Student Worship Leaders.


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