Vocal Exercises

Vocal exercises are a must for every worship leader.  They are vitally important for student worship leaders who’s vocal chords are changing and developing.  Completing vocal exercises, like the ones below, on a weekly basis can help improve your vocal strength, range, and tone.

It is important to focus on proper breathing techniques while doing these videos.  The best place to learn and practice vocal exercises is under the guidance of a professional voice teacher. Unfortunately, that is not possible for everyone.  So, for those of you who do not have access to a voice teacher, here are a few videos that may help improve your singing.


Exercises for Tenors


Exercises for Sopranos


Exercises for Altos


Exercises for Baritone/Bass


Not sure if you are a baritone, bass, tenor, soprano, or alto?  Check out this video below.  Sing along with the scale to figure out your range.


If you are interested in finding a vocal teacher, which I highly recommend, please talk to your worship leader or chorus instructor at your school.  Vocal lessons have helped me throughout the years.  They are well worth the investment!

These videos are not my original creations. They come from the Karmyn Tyler Cobb Vocal Studio and The Naural Voice Company.

Tim Sign.001


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